Testimonials from satisfied customers

Hej Max. Tänkte ge lite feedback om Conquest. Du var ju här tidigare i höstas och presenterade de nya produkterna. Den är hästen har tidigare genom åren använt Chondrogen. Men jag sålde på hästägare Conquest istället efter ditt besök. Speedy Foxy Vicane har haft en fantastisk höst och börjat året med vinst i högsta klass. De är givetvis många faktorer som spelar in, men tänkte det kan vara roligt för er att få lite återkoppling. Med vänlig hälsning, Lisa Vaggeryds Hästklinik
My old rotweiler dog Bamse has had difficulty climbing the stairs to the top floor. After two weeks with Complete, he is functioning as normal and is able to get up.
Uses Complete for my 7 year old labrador retriever. She became like a puppy dog after 1 week.
I like to arrive well prepared for competition with healthy and agile horses, so I have used Conquer for many years and am very satisfied.
Rose Mathisen
National team rider Dressage
Have been struggling with a limp on my ? Have been struggling with a limp on my rottistik for almost two years, with no results. About two months ago I started using Complete and already I see a clear improvement!
Patricia Schubert
Previously had problems with some joints in one hand. After about 1 month with HA-I the pain disappeared. I have now used HA-I for several years and have no joint problems
Arne Jöneman
Yes, it was very good with the tablets. Regards Henrik S
Henrik s
When my rottweiler bitch got osteoarthritis in both elbows I started with Complete She is now lameness free
My joints feel softer when I get up in the morning. Can't stop eating.
My knee and neck feel much better.
"My horses compete at a high level for most of the year and they are under constant stress on their joints. Conquer minimises the risk of injury and builds a strong and resilient horse. Since the well-being of my horses is everything to me, it feels natural to choose Conquer.?
Karin Martinsen
Show jumping