15% discount when buying two cans of Complete

Until March 20, we have a promotion on Complete chewable tablets for your dog!

When you buy two cans of Complete, chewable tablets for the active, competitive or senior dog, we offer you 15% discount. The tablets contain glucosamine, chondroitin sulphate and hyaluronic acid for healthy joints and prevention of osteoarthritis. Enter the code MGVF6BCA at checkout.

It is very common for dogs to suffer from osteoarthritis, especially as they get older. Osteoarthritis is prevented mainly by keeping the dog in good condition and with good muscle mass, and joint disease can also be prevented by supplementing the dog with hyaluronic acid to ensure that the joint fluid is viscous and jelly-like. The joint is then lubricated and cushioned, protecting the cartilage from degradation.

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