A gift in your order

Right now we are giving out a small gift with your order. When you buy any horse product in our webshop, you will receive a 100ml Warendorf ointment with the delivery. The Warendorf ointment was developed by a German veterinarian. The ointment has a wide range of uses as it works both softening and lubricating, but also goes deep into wounds and has an antibacterial effect. Some applications where the ointment is very effective:  
  • In case of chafing of the mouth or prevention of chafing
  • Softening of the skin in male joints
  • Effective against mosquitoes
  • Wound care
  • Insect bed
  • Inkar
  • Soften dry areas of the skin
  The ointment is also preservative-free so it is optimal in the stable pharmacy both at home and at the competition! Warendorf Ointment can also be used on other animals and for yourself. Offer valid until 4/1 or while stocks last. Take advantage now as it's a perfect Christmas gift for yourself, your horse, friend or family member!