Fourth Advent Campaign

We at Healthy Leads wish you a Happy Fourth Advent!

During the day on 20/12, if you buy our Conquest package, you will receive a Healthy Leather cap and a Warendorf ointment 500ml for free. Make your purchase here.

Conquest package

Conquest package contains 2 syringes Conquest Start Up and 1 bottle Conquest Follow Up. Enough for 2 months of consumption. Conquest is a combination product developed by veterinarians. It contains both high molecular weight hyaluronic acid and Boswellia Serrata and is recommended for horses that are being treated or have been treated in the joint. It is also recommended for horses that are trained regularly and competed intensively. Promotes optimal recovery of strained joints.


Warendorf Ointment is a unique & all-round ointment made from 100% natural ingredients. It has both emollient and antibacterial properties, while forming a protective film on the skin without smudging or discolouration. With its wide range of uses, Warendorf Ointment is the perfect product to have in your stable pharmacy!

Warendorf salva

? Mungipor? softening and a perfect protection against chafing from bites or other irritations
? Abrasions from saddle and girth
? Eczema & summer itch
? Insect bed
? Lacerations & other wound care
? Mugg
? Effective against incarceration & other skin conditions
? Court care
? General softening skin care

Contents: vaseline, water, coconut fat, zinc oxide, mineral oils (paraffin, glycerin), allantoin, coconut oil, cinnamaldehyde, eucalyptus, natural essential oils & preservatives.

Healthy Leather Cap

Fresh Leather Hat