The team would like to wish you a very happy Easter. Maybe you are looking for eggs filled with candy? Maybe the whole day is spent in the stables? Or a combination with the family?

Either way, we hope you and your four-legged friends have a wonderful Easter and enjoy the arrival of spring. Don't forget to #skrittamer and why not treat yourself or your horse to a joint supplement to prevent joint diseases and maintain joint mobility?

Easter tip: Do you have an empty Chondrogen 100pro jar or maybe an empty ChondroPlus jar at home? Get out the paints and give it a new life! Hide Easter treats in it, use it for storage or perhaps to display the concentrated feed. Give it your personal touch, the only limit is your imagination!


We would also like to thank you for your patience regarding Conquer 200pro, soon Conquest every day. We will receive the product in April, so please be patient a little longer. Until then, why not try a Chondrogen 100pro sample bag as maintenance?