Keep your horse healthy during the competition season

Sustainability tips for horses in competition

Ebba Danielsson is one of Sweden's most accomplished young riders in show jumping. She has competed successfully on both pony and horse and is aiming for a future as an elite rider. To achieve her goals, she has surrounded herself with a well-organised team led by her mother Eva.

During the competition season there are many meetings both in Sweden and abroad, which is exhausting for the horses, both physically and mentally. A season requires careful planning both in terms of preparatory training and subsequent recovery.

We asked Ebba what tips she and her team have for keeping all the horses fresh and healthy during the most intense periods of competition.

Varying surfaces

I think it's important to vary the substrate. All of our horses are on the treadmill daily where we have asphalt. Then we mix the work between riding in the riding arena, on the outdoor arena and out in the woods.

Supplements & Nursing

Because we know that it is easy for horses to overwork their joints when we compete a lot, we give them supplements from Healthy Joints.

At hard effort we top with Conquest

We use Chondrogen as a daily base supplement all year round and then top it up with Conquest for hard work. We also check our horses regularly with both a vet and an equine therapist. After a competition or very hard effort, the horses are allowed to take it easy for a day or two by just walking out and letting them recover properly.


I find Friska Leders products very good for my racehorses, they feel soft in the body and they work well for the joints. In addition to the supplements, we use both cooling and warming liniments as well as night bandages to increase blood circulation. We also use laser and laser protection on our horses.

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