Chondrogen 100pro, 280g

499 SEK

Chondrogen 100pro sample bag.

One bag corresponds to about 20 days of consumption for about 500 kg of horse. Perfect if you want to try Chondrogen 100pro for the first time or want a conveniently packaged version to have in the competition cabinet. Buy the Chondrogen 100pro sample bag today!



Chondrogen 100pro is the perfect basic supplement for your horse's joints. The product contains high molecular hyaluronic acid which promotes the production and effect of joint fluid. Chondrogen also contains Glucosamine and Chondroitin sulphate which are important nutrients for joint cartilage.

We recommend Chondrogen 100pro to the trainer/competitor and to the older horse.

Chondrogen has multiple beneficial effects as it benefits both joint fluid and joint cartilage.

As the body's own production of these important nutrients decreases with age, we recommend Chondrogen 100pro for the older horse.

Healthy Joints recommends giving Chondrogen 100pro and Conquer 200pro in combination to the heavily trained/competitive horse and horses that have previously been treated in one or more joints.

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