Conquer 200Pro 946 ml

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CONQUER 200 feed supplementPRO contains highly concentrated hyaluronic acid and is a supplementary feed for the training, competing horse and for the older horse.

Conquer 200PRO is a feed supplement developed by veterinary and recommended for the competing and training horse in order to promote optimal joint function.

Conquer 200PRO contains high-molecular hyaluronic acid and has no starter carene. This makes the Conquer 200PRO to the perfect feed supplement during the competition season to maintain healthy joints.

Conquer 200PRO contains high-molecular hyaluronic acid in high concentration and is given to the horse during the competition season. Conquer 200PRO can be advantageously combined with Chondrogen 100PRO when the horse performs best.

Conquer 200PRO is used for the actively competing and training horse that puts its joints under high stress. When the horse is trained and competed hard, very small damages can occur in the joint structures and the natural hyaluronic acid breaks down.

Hyaluronic acid occurs naturally in the joints where it has the following functions:
- Lubricating function of articular cartilage and joint capsule
- Shock-absorbing for all joint structures under load
- Transport of nutrients and slag products

Conquer's efficacy is clinically documented.

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Raw material content (guaranteed content) per 15 ml:
Hyaluronic acid 200 mg

Initially, 10 ml is given twice daily per 500 kg body weight for one week. Thereafter, 10 ml is given once daily per 500 kg body weight for one week or longer. Once the desired effect has been achieved, 10 ml is given every other day per 500 kg body weight as a maintenance dose. The dose can be doubled after joint treatment or before competition. Viscous, apple-flavoured gel for easy administration in the feed.

Other ingredients:
Apple flavour additive, carboxymethylcellulose, citric acid, distilled water, propylene glycol and sodium benzoate.

No waiting period

Pregnancy and lactation:
Experience in the treatment of pregnant and lactating mares is lacking.

Store at room temperature

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