Conquest - Recovery course

2,310 SEK

Conquest start up
Apple-flavoured paste administered by syringe either directly into the horse's mouth or into the feed.

Conquest Follow-Up
Viscous gel with apple flavour given in the feed.

Shake well before use.

Extra high amount of hyaluronic acid (135mg/10ml) and Boswellia Serrata (850mg/10ml).

Conquest start up: 15ml daily per 500 kg body weight.
Conquest follow up: 10ml daily per 500 kg body weight.

The 96 hours of the starter.



A Conquestkur consists of 2 sprutor Conquest Start Up and 1 bottle of Conquest Follow Up. Enough for about 2 months of consumption. Read more under each product.

Conquest is a unique combination product of hyaluronic acid and Boswellia serrata developed by veterinarians.

The Conquest cure is recommended after treatment in joints.

Conquest is also recommended for horses that compete intensively.

Conquest promotes optimal recovery of strained joints.

Conquest's high molecular weight hyaluronic acid content provides a lubricating and shock-absorbing effect while contributing to the production of new hyaluronic acid in the joints. Conquest also contains Boswellia Serrata, which prevents the breakdown of hyaluronic acid. Together, the substances have a synergistic effect and contribute to the presence of high-quality hyaluronic acid. This helps the horse's joints to maintain normal function and desired mobility.

96-hour start-up time in the Nordic countries from 2023-03-01

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