Warendorf ointment 100 ml

185 SEK

A unique & all-round ointment of 100% natural ingredients
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Has both emollient and antibacterial properties
while at the same time laying down a protective
film on the skin without smudging or discolouring.

With its wide range of uses, Warendorf Ointment is the perfect product to have in the stable pharmacy!

? Mungipor? softening and a perfect protection against chafing from bites or other irritations
? Abrasions from saddle and girth
? Eczema & summer itch
? Insect bed
? Lacerations & other wound care
? Mugg
? Effective against incarceration & other skin conditions
? Court care
? General softening skin care

Contents: vaseline, water, coconut fat, zinc oxide, mineral oils (paraffin, glycerin), allantoin, coconut oil, cinnamaldehyde, eucalyptus, natural essential oils & preservatives.

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Weight 72 g


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