Gaj Riossa (SLO)

Gaj Riossa is the talent from Slovenia who is our new team rider! He lives in Holland and works as a competition rider for Stal Hendrix. When Gaj was 12 years old he moved to Germany and trained & competed with Markus and Meredith Michaels-Beerbaum. Super talented and hard working, he has now made it to the top level of show jumping. European Championships as a youth rider, LR ranking classes and GP jumping are part of his everyday life. We promise that Gaj Riossa is a name you will remember, he will ride in the big championships in the future.

Gaj's favourite product is Conquest Follow Up:

?A veterinary researched product that is scientifically proven provides tremendous reassurance. The fact that I can feel a big difference in my horses makes it even better! If I had to choose one product it would have to be Conquest Follow Up, I think it's absolutely fantastic.?

Gaj Spain
Gaj on the beach