Nathalie Bozic

Nathalie Bozic (SWE) Profile rider

Nathalie is one of our profile riders and she is doing her first year as a senior rider in 2020. Together with her fine Hubertus she has taken several international wins and placings and started up to 3* 145. Nathalie has also been part of the youth national team with her former horse, Little Willie John and together they started both the Nations Cup and the European Junior Championships. In 2020, she will focus on her two young horses, Lane 8 and Energy.

With his company Little Equestrian Nathalie accepts horses for training, competition and sale. She also gives lectures and clinics and sells products in her webshop, including products from Friska Leder. After studying at IHM Business School to become Account Manager IT solutions B2B, Nathalie is looking forward to focusing wholeheartedly on her business and her horses.

For a period Nathalie was a rider for Olympic rider Maikel van der Vleuten in Holland and she also worked for a time at Olympic horses with Olof Smith. This has given her the chance to ride many different types of horses and enjoy some fantastic riding.

Optimal joint health with products from Healthy Joints

Nathalie's former racehorses regularly went to Chondrogen and Conquer. At competition she boosted them with Conquest before, during and after. Her two younger abilities go to school Chondrogen and may Conquest at competition.

Since I started with Healthy Leathers many years ago, I have felt an incredible difference in the mobility of all my horses. When you hear the word joints, you often think only of legs. Admittedly, they are subjected to incredible stress every day, but so are the joints in the back and neck of the horses. So not only do I feel the difference in them being flexible and soft, I also feel a sense of calm every day thanks to Healthy Joints. Knowing how the products affect and help my horses prevent damage from joint inflammation allows me to exhale. I know that by using the products and long-term planned riding, I am giving my horses the opportunity for optimal joint health.

When we ask Nathalie what her favourite product from Healthy Leathers is, she chooses Chondrogen as she feels the product contains so many different elements that promote optimal joint health. However, it is a favourite in combination with Conquest, as she finds the combination provides a supplement that builds and works on all aspects of joint health and function.

Nathalie's greatest achievements and highlights

  • Winning the Youth Grand Prix 140, Skyrup countryclub 2016 with Little Willie John
  • Second placed in youth Grand Prix qualifier 140, Falsterbo horse show 2016 with Little Willie John
  • Seventh placed in Youth Grand Prix 145, Falsterbo horse show 2016 with Little Willie John
  • European Championships, Millstreet Ireland 2016 with Little Willie John
  • Second placed in 140 Grand Prix, Laholms ryttarförening 2017 with Hubertus
  • Top 20 Yong Rider SM, Billdals ridklubb 2017 with Little Willie john
  • Second place in the 2* Gold Tour Final , Ciekocino Poland 2018 with Little Willie John
  • Second place in 3* Gold Tour GP qualifier, Ciekocino Poland 2018 with Hubertus
  • Second and fourth placed in 3* Gold Tour GP qualifier, Ciekocino Poland 2018 with Hubertus and Little Willie John
  • Victory in the 7- star 140 tour, Fjärås Riding Club 2018 with Hubertus
  • Victory in the speed class, Danish Derby horse show 2018 with Hubertus
  • Winning the zontotalen with the elite team, 2019 with Hubertus
  • Sixth placed in Bianca youth tour qualifier 1, Breeders Trophy 2019 Hubertus
  • Second placed in Bianca youth tour qualifier 2, Breeders Trophy 2019 with Hubertus

We wish Nathalie the best of luck with her new young abilities and are proud to have her on our team!