Conquest is our most effective and fast-acting product for the recovery of the horse's joints.

Conquest Start Up has an extra high dose of both hyaluronic acid and Boswellia Serrata. It is therefore perfect to take with you and give to your horse during extra hard work, for example during competition meetings.

Today we would like to tell you a little bit about the Conquest as a boost in the context of a competitive meeting or other strenuous multi-day event.


In addition to acting lubricating and cushioning has the content of Conquest Start-Up two very important tasks that can be crucial to the joint's ability to recover.

The content of Conquest Start-Up helps the trail to transport essential nutrients to joints and articular cartilage which is crucial for the reconstruction of the joint after degrading work. It is also an important carrier of noxious slag products which must be transported out to avoid bile and residual particles that can cause inflammation.

What impact does Conquest Start Up actually have on the ranks

The high concentration in Conquest Start Up-The syringes give the joint extra lubrication and shock absorption. When you give your horse Conquest Start Up, the joint is boosted with extra high molecular weight hyaluronic acid which increases the levels of joint fluid in the joint and also increases the quality so that the joint fluid is extra thick and viscous. It can then withstand increased stress better and joints become soft and flexible, reducing the risk of joint damage.

Boswellia Serratan enhances hyaluronic acid and makes it stay longer in the joint, thus giving the supplement extra long-lasting effect.

Why should I give my horse Conquest Start Up at a competition meeting?

When the horse exerts itself and stresses the joints, the synovial fluid breaks down quickly. The body does not have time to create new high-quality joint fluid at the same rate. What used to be a viscous and protective lubricant becomes watery and thin. The joint surfaces can rub against each other and small joint inflammations can occur. They may be so low-grade that you don't notice them at all, but they lie there smouldering and eventually develop into full-blown joint inflammation and the risk of osteoarthritis (osteoarthritis).

That's why it's so important to ensure full recovery after exertion. This can be difficult to achieve when the horse has to perform at a high level for several days in a row.

Boosting joints with Conquest Start-Up ensures that levels of thick, viscous synovial fluid are maintained even during strenuous exercise.

Being away on a meeting also means that daily routines change. Not only do they exert themselves more than usual (thus both increasing the load and accumulating more waste products), but there are other reasons to be observant.

 The horse stands still much more than it usually does. At home, it is usually out in the pasture for several hours a day, which creates circulation and flow in the joints. Then we're back to the issue of transporting nutrients into the joint and slag products out of it. When the horse walks and moves a lot, it promotes cartilage elasticity and nutrient supply.

At a meeting where you compete for several days in a row, the synovial fluid breaks down more than usual. It also produces more slag products and, as the horse moves less than normal between sessions, it is easy for the slag to remain in the joint and create galls and small micro-inflammations.

Conquest Start-Up helps the ranks to nourish themselves and to get the slag products out

When should I give Conquest Start-Up to get the best effect?

Conquest Start-Up is very handy to take with you to competitions as it is small and practical.

The Boost syringe contains a tasty paste that is easy to give either directly in the mouth or in the feed.  

We recommend that you start giving the horse as a preventive measure 1-2 days before the first day of competition (depending on how far it travels) and then every day until 1-2 days after the last start. The horse is then given the best conditions for optimal mobility from the first day of the competition and is helped with the excretion of slag products after the end of the event.

1 Conquest Start-Up lasts for 4 days which lasts over a shorter meeting. For extra boost or longer competitions we recommend giving 2 shots, i.e. 8 days.

 Conquest is a non-chained product which makes it optimal for use in competition when it is needed most!

After the end of a competition season or an extra intensive period, a complete Conquest recovery cure is recommended.