What is glucosamine & chondroitin sulphate?

What is glucosamine & chondroitin sulphate?

Both glucosamine and chondroitin sulphate are found naturally in the body of all mammals, with glucosamine sulphate found naturally in articular cartilage and chondroitin sulphate found naturally in connective tissue. These two components are essential building blocks for healthy articular cartilage.

How does glucosamine & chondroitin sulphate work?

Together, they support the rebuilding of the body's own cartilage, while inhibiting the enzyme that breaks down cartilage. They also help maintain joint flexibility, giving joints the best chance of functioning normally. This is because healthy, whole cartilage is essential for normal joint function. This is because the cartilage protects the bones in the joint by absorbing shock, as well as distributing the pressure that arises from loading.

In a young and healthy joint, there is a slow and natural turnover of joint cartilage. Cartilage breaks down with activity and exercise, and the body builds new cartilage on its own so that the joint can function smoothly and move freely. However, the natural availability of glucosamine and chondroitin sulphate decreases with age, or after an injury to the joint. As a result, joint cartilage cannot be rebuilt at the same rate as it breaks down. By supplementing with these natural substances, we therefore help to maintain the flexibility and normal function of the joint.

The products below contain glucosamine and chondroitin sulphate in combination with hyaluronic acid. These three components are naturally present in the cartilage and act synergistically to keep the joint functioning normally.

For horse
Chondrogen 100 Pro is a feed supplement for horses. Recommended for the training and older horse to promote optimal joint function.

For dog
Complete are meat-flavoured chewable tablets for dogs. Recommended for the active, competitive or older dog.