DressagePower Academy

In 2020, Friska Leder entered into a long-term partnership with DressagePower Academy, which was founded in 2014 by Peter Härnstam and Kristian Von Krusenstierna. The basic idea is for DressagePower to carry out competitions, events and projects for the equestrian sport that have not been carried out before. The organisation will also be a leading player in the development of equestrian sport and the obvious choice for elite riders and partners. The goal is to contribute to Sweden winning medals at international championships by 2028.

It is one of the biggest children & youth competitions in Swedish equestrian history. The academy is a nationwide, theoretical, discontinued training course aimed at competition-oriented riders aged 12 to 21. The background is that many people buy a pony or horse without having any theoretical knowledge of how to take care of their horse. DressagePower wants to teach horsemanship and sportmanship.

Our cooperation with DressagePower

With this collaboration, Healthy Leads wants to help spread awareness of the importance of long-term sustainability work. We want to teach our young riders how to have long-term sustainable horses. This by riding a lot but training moderately and varied. We also want to teach them to think preventively by learning the basics about the horse's joints, as well as the background to why joint inflammation occurs and what can be done to reduce the risk of joint damage.

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