Veterinarian Eva Skiöldebrand

Veterinarian Eva Skiöldebrand is currently Professor of Pathology at SLU where she conducts a solid research platform with extensive studies on equine joints. Eva's knowledge and experience is what drives us at Healthy Joints and the opportunity to receive advice from Eva is of great importance to our clients and profile riders.

In 1996, Eva started a collaboration with veterinarians Scott & Pierce from Rood & Riddle Equine Hospital in Lexington, USA, to develop products that promote normal joint function in horses and dogs. Rood & Riddle had conducted extensive clinical studies on the effect of hyaluronic acid in equine joints. In addition, as it was shown that hyaluronic acid could be absorbed through the horse's intestine, the first hyaluronic acid product for oral use was developed.

The products Chondrogen, Conquer & Conquest for horses and Complete for dogs are currently sold at most veterinary clinics in Sweden and in selected stores. The original EvaVet brand has now been rebranded as Healthy Joints and also includes the HA range of products for humans.

EvaVet developed the very first hyaluronic acid products for oral use in horses in Sweden. Today the products are well established in the market and although there are many competing products, we are proud to be responsible for the distribution of the product group ?by EvaVet? All products in the group have solid research with proven clinical efficacy behind them. We are confident that the products have a documented correct molecular weight and high concentration.

Today, Eva continues to work as a professor at SLU and conducts solid research for better joint health in our horses. Recent research reports have included the reconstruction of damaged cartilage and the revolutionary blood test that will in the future allow us to predict a joint problem before the horse shows symptoms. Please get in touch if you would like to read more about ongoing research!