Swedish Warmblood Association, SWB

Our cooperation with SWB is based on a shared vision of long-term sustainability for our horses in all disciplines and at all levels of the sport.

The Swedish Warmblood Association, SWB, has been the hub for the development of the Swedish warmblood horse for almost a hundred years. The association is also responsible for registration, testing and information on all registered warmblood horses.

Whoever buys a SWB horse gets a lot for his money. A lot that is not visible, but that works behind the scenes and acts as a guarantee for the ownership and practice of the sport.

Swedish horses and riders are performing at the highest level. It's not really surprising. The breeding of the Swedish warm-blooded horse has a long tradition with a breeding philosophy based on naturalness and durability. This, together with a strong collaboration between breeding and sport, has meant that our horses have time after time shown great results all over the world. Success breeds success.

For the second year in a row, Healthy Leathers will be one of the main sponsors of the SWB Equestrian Weeks at Flyinge 2020 including both Breeders for young horses in both dressage and jumping but also a variety of other competitions for both youngsters and seniors.

In 2019, Healthy Leads started a collaboration with SWB to work together towards the sustainable horse. All SWB members have a standing discount on the range from Healthy Leathers and we work in close communication with the association to collaborate on various events and to ensure that as many people as possible in the sport can benefit from Professor Eva Skiöldebrand's in-depth knowledge of the horse's joints and how we should work to prevent joint diseases.

Read more about SWB at swb.org