#skrittamer challenge


Welcome to participate in the Healthy Leaders #skrittamer challenge!
In order to spread the message and the importance of walking more, we have created the #skrittamer concept. The three main benefits of increasing the time you walk forward and/or off your horse by 10 minutes are:

  • Slag products are channelled out of the joints
  • You help cartilage recovery by pumping in nutrients
  • Walking also helps the synovial fluid to regain its qualitative properties

We also recommend riding the horse on different surfaces and adding a weekly session where the step is the focus. This will help the joints to prevent possible injuries and it is also good for the horse's muscles.

To take part in the Healthy Leaders # walking challenge, post some form of walking picture on your social media. It could be an ear shot, walking your horse, riding on the beach or something else wonderfully creative! Add the hashtag #skrittamer and tag at least three of your friends so that they can also get the information and share the message! If you want to share our and others' posts about #skrittamer, you can go to instagram and follow the hashtag #skrittamer and also follow Healthy Leads on Instagram and Facebook.

Good luck and take it easy!