The competitions are back on!

the competitions are on again

What do our profile riders think about the competitions starting again?

We asked some of our profile riders how they have been training during the competition break and what they think about the competitions starting again.

Otto and Lilly Smith

How does it feel now that the races are back on?
Lilly: It feels great and of course we've been looking forward to this. It will also be extra fun to get away again and see all our friends.

Do you train differently now that the competitions are on or has it looked similar during the competition break?
Otto: No I would say it's been the same, we've started jumping a bit more and jumping more trajectory now. During the competition break we have been jumping more terrain which both we and the horses find very fun.

When does it start again for you, when is the next competition?
Lilly: This weekend (6-7/6) our own club Österlens ridklubb has arranged a competition and in three weeks after that we will compete in Dagstorp.

Update: During the competitions at Österlens ridklubb both Otto and Lilly rode with good results up to 120cm on big horse and MSVB on pony. The horses they had with them were Seren, Dabrian Dawn and Hubertus.

Alice Rosenqvist

How have you organised your training during the competition break?
At the beginning of the break we went on a very open course to practice jumping training. After that we focused a lot on fitness as we are very close to the sea and could regularly take the horses to the beach and gallop. Then they also had a bit of a calmer period when we did a lot of riding on different surfaces for the sake of the joints.

What happens now that the races are back on?
Now we have stepped up the jumping and the first week of the summer holidays we will go to Svante Johansson for a camp. After midsummer I will do my first competitions and it will be very fun to meet all my friends and see if the training has produced good results.