Lilly Smith (SWE)

Lilly Smith (SWE)

Lilly Smith is a dedicated horse girl with tireless drive when it comes to riding. She always puts her horses first and is currently betting mainly on her big horses, but still rides and competes the D-pony Drumcashel Dynamite Jack, which she has trained herself.

Despite her young age, she has managed to make many competitive starts. On ponies, Lilly has several wins and placements up to Msv B. As a 10-year-old, she started competing the big horse High Pea, a horse that father Olof previously competed up to 140 cm. Together with High Pea, Lilly has, among other things, taken SM silver and gold in impact, won the Maya Delorez Children Challenge in Falsterbo, been selected as one of eight Swedish crews for the children's classes during the Global Champions Tour in Stockholm, where she entered and won the final as the only double zero . With the approved stallion Etalon Lux N, she has ridden several SMs, took top place in 135cm classes and debuted in June 2022 140cm with a 5th place, only 14 years old.

In addition to these, she also rides Hubertus, with whom she has won SM gold in impact and SM silver overall for children, and Cora Quick, with whom she takes home top positions every other weekend.

High Pea receives Chondrogen and Conquest Follow Up for optimal recovery as she previously had persistent lameness problems. At the meeting, she also receives Conquest Start Up as an extra boost and recovery.

Etalon Lux N receives Conquest follow up and Chondrogen as a daily supplement to support the joints in his explosive jumping technique.

Hubertus, who has now turned 18, supports his joints with Conquer and Chondrogen.

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