Solid research and clinical studies carried out by veterinarians are behind the products and knowledge at Friska Leder.
In 1997, a Swedish veterinarian was on a research trip in Kentucky, USA and made a
deep dive into diseases of the horse's joints. Via the research and the studies that
was done in collaboration between her and veterinarians at the Rood and Riddle clinic, they developed Sweden's first joint supplement with oral hyaluronic acid under the EvaVet brand.

Today, the brand is known under the name Friska Leder, which describes exactly what our target image is. With the help of joint supplements with a base of high molecular hyaluronic acid, we work with the preventive and rehabilitation work against joint inflammation and osteoarthritis in horses and humans.

We educate companies and private individuals about joint inflammation and the importance of preventive work, both through supplements and what we can do from the ground.

We do this through lectures where we go out to stables and associations, but also through informational text via our website and social media. Our goal is to reduce the number of joint injuries in horses through increased awareness, knowledge and high-quality supplements.

Our goal is to provide high service, fast deliveries and increased knowledge about joint health. We are always here for you if you have questions, concerns or problems. We are the small company with the big heart and healthy joints.