Ebba Danielsson (SWE)

Ebba Danielsson (SWE)

Talented, driven, hardworking and successful. A bunch of collective words that describe the rising young star Ebba Danielsson. We at Friska Leder are very happy to be part of Ebba's team, which strives towards the absolute top sport. During 2022, she has had time to take several victories in 145cm nationally and internationally, won Billdal's 150cm Grand Prix, took SM silver for Young riders, rode the European Championships and much more. All this despite the fact that she still rides as a junior in terms of age.

Ebba has previously for many years competed successfully both on pony and big horse, where the majority of medals from various championships have been picked up, wins in GP and many large international competitions.

Ebba is not only a skilled rider but also a fine competitor and role model for the sport. This is something that we at Friska Leder think is an important quality to highlight and spread. Her horses receive Conquer and Chondrogen on a daily basis and, in addition, Conquest Start Up at major competitions.

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