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Joint pain as a result of osteoarthritis

Osteoarthritis is by far the most common cause of recurring complaints of joint pain. Joint pain as a result of osteoarthritis has today been classified as a serious disease as it has been established that joint inflammation can lead to sequelae in other parts of the body.

What causes osteoarthritis?

It is not completely proven why a person suffers from osteoarthritis. Damage to the joint is a common cause, but also heredity, environment, obesity and other causes can lead to osteoarthritis in various joints in the body. Common symptoms are stiffness, pain and difficulty moving normally.

To understand what causes osteoarthritis and joint pain, you need to know how the joint is structured. The bony parts of the joint are covered by a thin protective cartilage. Cartilage is like a very thin sponge which, when healthy, is elastic and shock-absorbing. The joint also contains synovial fluid with a high concentration of the body's own hyaluronic acid, which makes the fluid thick and viscous and acts like a lubricant. Together, the cartilage and synovial fluid allow the bones to move friction-free without rubbing against each other.

The cartilage cells are broken down in a continuously ongoing process and the body is constantly forming new cartilage at the same time. If the cartilage is damaged or if the joint is overexerted, hyaluronic acid production in the synovial fluid is also affected and you get a thin and watery synovial fluid that no longer lubricates the joint. These two imbalances can cause the bridge surface to become damaged and uneven. The cartilage begins to break down and eventually the cartilage can disappear completely and then the bones lie and rub against each other and an incipient osteoarthritis occurs.

By taking hyaluronic acid, you support the hyaluronic acid quality of the joint. The environment in the joint is thus improved and the body has time to form its own new high-molecular hyaluronic acid. With a better quality of the synovial fluid, the lubrication is better.

Ha-Go Start contains high molecular weight hyaluronic acid , Boswellia Serrata and several other ingredients that contribute to a normal bone structure, cartilage and skin.

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