Hyaluronic acid as a supplement for joints

Hyaluronsyra som tillskott för leder

Hyaluronic acid as a supplement

By giving high-molecular hyaluronic acid as a supplement on a daily basis, you contribute to maintaining a high quality of the synovial fluid in the body. This in turn contributes to lubrication and shock absorption which counteracts the occurrence of joint inflammation. We subject our joints to stress on a daily basis and small injuries occur even if we don't feel them. These small injuries can develop into joint inflammation and eventually into osteoarthritis. Supplements with hyaluronic acid are a very simple way to give the joint good conditions for increased mobility and resistance to damage. This applies to horses, dogs and humans alike. If osteoarthritis has already occurred, the addition of hyaluronic acid could contribute to a better everyday life with less pain and increased mobility in the damaged joint.

What is hyaluronic acid and why is it important?

Hyaluronic acid is a tough and viscous molecule that is found naturally in joints and synovial fluid in both horses, dogs and humans. It is an important component that gives synovial fluid its lubricating properties and protects the bones in the joint from moving against each other and causing damage. We usually call hyaluronic acid the joint patch. If the joint is damaged, hyaluronic acid breaks down faster than it can be regenerated naturally. Then the synovial fluid becomes thinner and the risk of joint inflammation imminent. In the long run, osteoarthritis can form and this is an irreversible condition. So you can't heal an arthrosis and it causes a lot of pain and loss of movement.

The joints are important organs in our bodies. With healthy joints, we become mobile and soft, regardless of whether we are horses, dogs or humans. If, on the other hand, we have problems with our joints, we become stiff and find it difficult to move normally. The condition makes us move less, which in turn can lead to serious sequelae in other parts of our bodies.

It is important that the hyaluronic acid supplement you take has a high molecular weight, preferably 1.4 million Daltons. Hyaluronic acid with a high molecular weight contributes to the joint capsule cells forming new hyaluronic acid of their own. A product with too low a molecular weight can, however, have a negative impact on this process. We at Friska Leder naturally therefore only use supplements containing high molecular hyaluronic acid.

Conquer 200Pro contains high molecular hyaluronic acid (200 mg per dose). It is a complementary feed for training, competing and older horses with the aim of promoting optimal joint function . Conquer's effect is clinically documented.

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