Glucosamine sulfate as a dietary supplement for horses and dogs

Glukosaminsulfat som kosttillskott till häst & hund

Glucosamine sulfate as a dietary supplement

Glucosamine sulfate is an important natural component of articular cartilage in both horses and dogs. The molecule has two important functions in the body. Partly it supports the rebuilding of the body's own cartilage, and partly it inhibits the enzyme that breaks down the cartilage. Glucosamine sulfate as a dietary supplement thus helps to maintain joint flexibility. Which results in the best conditions for the joint to function normally.

A whole and healthy joint cartilage is crucial for the normal function of our joints. Cartilage protects the bones in the joint because it acts as a shock absorber. In addition to this, it distributes the pressure that occurs during loading. In a young and healthy joint, a slow and natural turnover of articular cartilage takes place. Articular cartilage breaks down in connection with activity and training. The body then forms new cartilage on its own so that the joint can function friction-free and move.

Glucosamine sulfate as a dietary supplement for an injured joint

Sometimes the joint is exposed to minor injuries. This can happen if the horse steps a little crookedly and thus overloads its joint. Either during training or simply out in the garden. A dog can load a joint incorrectly, e.g. when it jumps up or out of the car. It can be difficult to notice the everyday injuries if the animals do not show any lameness. The risk is then that these small injuries cause problems over time if the body does not have time to repair them. By giving food supplements of glucosamine sulfate, the joint gets extra help with the rebuilding of new joint cartilage. The joint can thereby protect itself against the persistence of the small micro-damages. This in turn reduces the risk of them creating bigger problems over time.

Increasing age or a noticeable injury to the joint reduces the natural occurrence of glucosamine sulfate and chondroitin sulfate. This means that the articular cartilage cannot be regenerated at the same rate as it breaks down. This can be seen in the horse, which becomes more staggered, and the dog, which no longer wants to jump into the car by itself. In these cases, dietary supplements of glucosamine sulfate can prevent the increased stiffness that otherwise occurs naturally. The result is that our older animals experience a more mobile and active ageing.

The products below for horses and dogs contain glucosamine sulfate in combination with hyaluronic acid and chondroitin sulfate. These three components are found naturally in the cartilage and act synergistically for the joint to function normally.

For horse
Chondrogen 100 Pro is a feed supplement for horses. Recommended for the exercising and older horse to promote optimal joint function.

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