Arthritis in horses

Ledinflammation hos häst

Arthritis is by far the most common cause of lameness in horses and as many as 10 horses per day are euthanized because of it. A horse can get joint inflammation in all its joints, but the most common are the vertebrae, front knee and hock. In case of joint inflammation, the inflammation starts in the joint capsule. This eventually leads to breakdown of articular cartilage, thickening of the joint capsule, inflamed synovial fluid and bone deposition in and on the joint.

If joint inflammation is allowed to continue over time, the synovial fluid breaks down. This results in the joint becoming numb and the articular cartilage cannot fail as well. The synovial fluid is found between the bone parts to lubricate and act as a shock absorber for the joints. With reduced synovial fluid, there is a risk of small fractures occurring in the leg. In the long term, there is a great risk that all the cartilage will be rubbed away, which causes major problems. Simply put, the problem is usually described as cartilage breaking down faster than it is being built up.

Hyaluronic acid against arthritis in horses

Hyaluronic acid is found naturally in the joint. There, it contributes to the joint regaining its natural mobility. In addition, it acts as a shock absorber and has an anti-inflammatory effect. The hyaluronic acid also helps transport nutrients to the joint. As well as transporting away waste products from it. For a long time, horses have been treated with the addition of hyaluronic acid against joint inflammation. This was, and still is, through injections directly into the injured joint. The injections are called cock's comb and contain hyaluronic acid.

Veterinarians Scott and Pierce, who work at one of the world's largest horse hospitals, Rood & Riddle, in Kentucky, USA, came to the conclusion through research that hyaluronic acid can be given orally as a dietary supplement. This as the hyaluronic acid is transported via the intestine to the joint via the CD44 receptor. In collaboration with veterinarian Eva Skiöldebrand ( EvaVet ), they developed products with hyaluronic acid for oral use.

Conquer 200Pro contains high molecular hyaluronic acid (200 mg per dose). It is a supplementary feed for training, competing and older horses with the aim of promoting optimal joint function . Conquer's effect is clinically documented.

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