Healthy Joints works on prevention and recovery of joint health. Our supplements are based on years of research and studies conducted by veterinarians. The company is staffed by experts in joint health who work with joint supplements, advice and training. Read more about our supplements in the webshop and in our reports. Please contact us directly for individual advice or to book our training courses for your stable or association. 

Preventive and restorative joint supplement with high molecular hyaluronic acid for your horse

Conquest - Restorative & rehabilitative joint supplements

Chondrogen 100Pro - preventive joint supplement for all horses

Conquer 200Pro - daily maintenance for the training & competing horse's joints



ChondroPlus är ett helt unikt ledtillskott som innehåller näringsämnen för hela leden. Här finns de viktigaste näringsämnena för alla ledens delar i ett och samma

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A gift in your order

Right now we are giving out a small gift with your order. When you buy any horse product in our webshop, you will receive a 100ml Warendorf ointment

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At Healthy Leads, we work with a range of organisations and ambassadors to promote our products and vision.

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Administration of oral hyaluronic acid after OCD injury

TEMA Structure

In February, we talked to our profile rider Nathalie Bozic. February is all about the theme of Building. Nathalie has been riding all her life, she has

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Hyaluronic acid as hyaluronic acid

Hyaluronic acid as Hyaluronic acid?

Hyaluronic acid as Hyaluronic acid? We are often recommended to give our horses hyaluronic acid as a dietary supplement. The purpose of the supplement is to promote good joint health, i.e. to give our

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At Healthy Leads, we work with a number of ambassadors and profile riders who share our values on healthy joints.

Lilly Smith (SWE)

Lilly Smith (SWE) Lilly Smith is a dedicated horse girl with tireless energy when it comes to riding. She always puts her horses first and is committed to

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Nathalie Bozic Wickström

Nathalie Bozic

Nathalie Bozic (SWE) Profile rider Nathalie is one of our profile riders and she will make her first year as a senior rider in 2020. Together with her fine Hubertus

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Sophie Karpe

Sophie Karpe (SWE) - Professional rider and dealer Sophie Karpe lives in Helsingborg and has ridden in the Swedish national team both on pony and horse up to

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